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ψητά ροδάκινα

Ψητά ροδάκινα με αμύγδαλα και βρώμη

Τα ψητά ροδάκινα με αμύγδαλα και βρώμη είναι ένα υπέροχο επιδόρπιο που γίνεται σε χρόνο μηδέν. Τα κονσερβοποιημένα ροδάκινα είναι τόσο ευπροσάρμοστα. Εδώ συμπληρώνονται με έναν συνδυασμό κράνμπερις, ξηρών καρπών και...

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gemista pligouri

Stuffed vegetables with bulgur wheat

A variation of the classic stuffed vegetables (mainly tomatoes and peppers known as ”gemista”), stuffed with bulgur wheat and lots of vegetables. If  the glycemic index is of concern, then an...

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Spinach with rice

Spanakoryzo (spinach with rice) is a classic, traditional Greek dish with few calories and lots of fiber. It is suitable for a vegan diet, fasting or weight loss. Another recipe is  cuttlefish...

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meat soup

Traditional winter meat soup with vegetables

A meat soup with vegetables is ideal during the winter months.  This recipe is light, without unnecessary fats. Rich in vegetables that contain vitamins and fiber. It is made with avgolemono...

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