Easter lamb

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“Easter lamb in the oven” is a variation of  the traditional Easter dish from Halkidiki , in a “lighter” version.  The original recipe contains rice, which is cooked in the pan with the meat liquids and spices which makes it very rich in fat and calories.  Despite this, every household in that area will prepare it, and it was definitely always made during our grandmothers’ time.

  • As fat content, goat is leaner than other meats .
  • Red meat is known to  be high in saturated fats, which raises cholesterol levels  results in heart disease. Goat has lower levels of saturated fat compared to lamb.
  • It is important to use the right cuts of meat. There are cuts with more fat and others that are leaner. Prefer those cuts that do not have any visible fat. Avoid the skin.
  • Some of the fat can be removed during cooking, for example if it is roasted on a spit.
  • If cooked in a pan along with potatoes, the potatoes absorb the fat from the goat. Better to cook them separately.
  • Goat is rich in protein, like all meat.
  • It provides B-complex vitamins, and especially  vitamin B12. Try the combination of goat in the oven with  sauteed vegetables with sumac  or