Easy Spinach pie (easy spanakopita )

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Easy spanakopita is a spinach pie without the filo pastry. This one is slightly different – spinach pie without filo but with potatoes. It is easy to make and is suitable for a light meal or snack in the office.

The fame of the Greek spinach pie has crossed the borders of the country and is synonymous worldwide with Greek cuisine, as is moussaka, Greek salad (horiatiki), souvlaki and tzatziki.

We tasted  many home-made variations of spinach pie, some with homemade filo pastry, others with ready-made. There is no comparison with those made with homemade filo pastry, but here we have a very easy spinach pie without gluten, without flour and with cream cheese.

So many love spinach pie (like Obama), in all its variations.  The easy spanakopita that we recommend has very little fat and few calories. And for those that avoid gluten, it is an ideal version. For lovers of spinach pie, we also recommend  spinach pie in tortillas.

In order for the spinach pie without filo to come out perfect, you need a pan of the right size. We can use feta cheese or low-fat white cheese or make a mixture of cream cheese and feta. We can also add other greens, dill or chopped leeks.