Homemade chicken gyros

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Homemade chicken gyros? Of course it is possible, if the right spices are used. Cook homemade chicken gyros in a fan oven, on the grill, or on a non-stick grill-pan, or even on an outdoor grill.

The most important thing is to marinate the chicken well. It is even better if marinated overnight.  Turn regularly while cooking.

The potatoes can also be cooked in a fan-oven for a “french-fried” taste.  It is important that they are dry, sliced thin, and in a single layer in the roasting pan.

Depending on the oven specifications, both chicken and potatoes can be cooked simultaneously.

Instead of a yogurt sauce we can add mustard or low-fat tzatziki.

Wrap the gyros in tortillas, white or wholemeal.   A tortilla usually has less fat and calories than pitta bread (even if it is wholemeal).

Homemade chicken gyros goes well with  homemade wholemeal tortillas.

Pitta bread with gyros is the most favorite Greek fast food. Note that the quality of the ingredients can either reduce or increase the calories that a pitta-gyros contains. Important contributing factors are whether the potatoes are fried, how much fat the meat contains, as well as the type and amount of sauce used.