Lamb kebabs

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Lamb kebabs (also called lamb soutzoukakia) are small, baked through skewers, spicy meatballs. Lamb kebabs on skewers are among the best known. For a simpler version, we recommend   lamb soutzoukakia

They are ideally served with a yogurt sauce and pittoules (round pitta bread) or with  low-fat tzatziki.

Lamb meat, especially from young animals aged less than a year, is full of flavour which is partly attributable to its high content in fat. 100gr. of meat (a quantity that corresponds to the size of your «palm») contains about 280 calories . At the same time, lamb is a  good source of vitamin B12 , which is essential to the proper functioning of the nervous system. In addition, it  contains zinc and selenium , with immune-boosting and antioxidant properties respectively. So why is it that lamb is considered unhealthy? It is because of the fat it contains. 100gr. of meat contain 20g. fat , of which 8gr. are harmful saturated fats . If you insist on lamb, then try to opt for leaner pieces such as the leg, and remove any visible fat. Otherwise choose goat, which is known to be leaner.

In the recipe that follows, we use a mixture of equal amounts of lamb and ground beef.