Easy shrimp spaghetti (garidomakaronada)

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An easy recipe for a shrimp spaghetti with tomato sauce. It is made with frozen shrimp, shelled for convenience. They cannot, of course, be compared to the wonderful fresh shrimp. If fresh can be obtained, then clean, shell and use in the same way.

Use wholemeal spaghetti for a better glycemic index. It is rich in fiber and goes well with shrimp.

Another alternative shrimp recipe is orzo with shrimp, tomato and spring onion .

Shrimp and other shellfish contain cholesterol. They also contain some amount of omega-3 which is healthy for the heart, although in a smaller quantity than fish.

Shellfish are a good alternative to red meat. One serving of 100 gr. provides the same amount of protein as that of 90% lean beef  of the same weight, but with much less saturated fat. Some seafood, such as shrimp, has more cholesterol than red meat, but cholesterol from shrimp has little effect on cholesterol levels in the blood.  Oysters and mussels have the most omega-3 fats, but not as much as salmon.

As long as the shrimp is not fried or dipped in butter, then cholesterol levels can be manageable.

If you like shrimp spaghetti, try also cuttlefish with spinach and cherry tomatoes (soupies me spanaki).