Shrimps in tomato sauce and feta (garides saganaki)

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Garides saganaki means shrimps in tomato sauce and feta. We prefer shelled shrimps cooked in a tasty, low-fat  sauce.

Shrimp  and other shellfish contain cholesterol. They also contain some omega-3 fats, for a healthy heart, although in smaller amounts than fish.

As long as shrimp or other shellfish are not fried or dipped in butter, then the cholesterol levels are low.

Seafood is often “accused” of high cholesterol content. However, its total fat and saturated fat content is low. It should, therefore, not be considered unhealthy food. In comparison, red meat has the same cholesterol content but more total and saturated fat. Seafood is also a rich source of trace elements and metals, such as iodine, zinc, potassium, selenium and phosphorus.

So its place in our diet could be similar to that of red meat, that is, in moderation. If our total daily cholesterol intake does not exceed 300 mg (μmaximum recommended daily intake), the seafood can be included in our diet without compromising our health. After all, saturated fats (foods of animal origin) and trans fatty acids (processed fats, fried foods) weigh much more on cholesterol levels.