Mixed vegetables in tomato sauce (tourlou)

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Tourlou is a light, low-fat, high-fiber dish. Ideal during hot summer days, it can be served with feta cheese and brown bread.

It is made with potatoes and zucchini in the oven without frying. Potatoes are rich in starch. On the other hand, zucchini is rich in fiber and water. A medium zucchini weighs about 100 g. of which ~ 95% is water and has 34 calories.

Zucchini is rich in fiber, water, vitamin A and C, potassium, calcium and folic acid. Vitamin A, among other things, contributes togood eyesight , healthy skin and good lung function. Vitamin C supports the immune and respiratory systems. Zucchinis are rich in water. Fiber helps the digestion process and prevents constipation. It also keeps blood sugar low and reduces gluttony. Due to their high content of water and fiber, in combination with their low calories content per serving, they create a feeling of fullness, while helping to maintain a healthy body weight.

Basil has antioxidant properties, due to the phenolic compounds that it contains. It also relieves the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is considered to facilitate digestion, while preventing the feeling of bloating and discomfort.

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