Low fat tzatziki

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Low fat tzatziki is the traditional Greek appetizer in a light version.  Avoid full-fat strained yogurt and choose the one with 2% fat. Olive oil is used in moderation. Greek people love tzatziki, they eat it with meat, fish, legumes and vegetables. It is healthy and suitable for vegetarians.

Tzatziki  is an appetizer found in the modern Greek cuisine. It often accompanies fried zucchini and gyros . It is of Turkish origin. Its main ingredient is strained yogurt. Add grated cucumber, crushed garlic, dill and a little olive oil to the yogurt. Apart from Greece and Turkey, tzatziki is well-known in Iraq, and shares similarities to Iran’s airan or raita.

Yogurt is one of the healthiest foods. A cup of yogurt makes up for 40% of our daily calcium needs and 11% of our potassium needs. It also contains high value organic proteins and carbohydrates. Yogurt is beneficial even to those who are lactose intolerant.

In addition to calcium and protein, yogurt also contains «good» bacteria. These bacteria support the proper functioning of the intestine and the immune system, improve digestion and protect against depression.

Use low-fat tzatziki as a dip or as a sauce,  as in  wholemeal salad with yogurt sauce.