Light moussaka

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Can there be a “light” moussaka? Yes, if the aubergines are not fried.

Being careful of our diet, does not mean we need to be deprived of moussaka – just oven-roast the aubergines and make a light béchamel sauce with wholemeal flour.

Wholemeal-flour  is milled in such a way that it contains the whole wheat germ which has a high fiber content. It is suitable for whole grain recipes and has nutritional benefits such

as: vitamins E, B1, B2, vegetable fatty acids Ω6, Ω3 and plant sterols. It is ideal for nutritional recipes such as bread, cakes, cookies,  homemade wholemeal tortillas, etc. Mixing it with all-purpose flour or other types of flour is highly recommended. Choose the flour depending on what you want to make.

Research has shown that foods high in fiber (cereals, legumes, fruits, vegetables) also provide protection against certain cancers. Fiber has also been shown to protect against hemorrhoids, constipation and obesity. They regulate intestinal diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome. They also lower cholesterol and are recommended for diabetics.

In addition, these foods can contribute to weight loss because as they are consumed they create a feeling of “fullness”, thus, decreasing your need for more food.

“Light” moussaka (our favorite moussaka) can be made in an even lighter version like  roasted aubergines with tahini sauce.