Chicken meatballs (keftedakia kotopoulou)

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Sometimes meatballs are fried because we are asked to cook them that way. Chicken meatballs are a lighter, healthier version. Burgers from turkey leftovers are also an alternative.

Chicken is a source of lean protein. One serving of chicken breast contains the impressive amount of 31 grams of  protein , but without the harmful fat and calories.

Chicken breast has a lot of protein, while covering 6% of our daily iron needs   (per 100 grams), which helps the body carry oxygen to all organs and supports the immune system.

Research has shown that the regular consumption of chicken breast is associated with a lower risk of obesity and the development of heart disease and  diabetes .

It is also rich in B vitamins and zinc, so it is an ideal food for pregnant women, kids and elderly people.

Chicken meatballs are made with chicken minced meat. Butchers can make minced chicken meat, provided they have the right equipment.  Alternatively, you can make minced chicken at home. As long as the chicken is slightly frozen, you can use the blender.

The chicken meatballs need a lot of careful attention in its preparation and cooking and all the rules of hygiene must be strictly followed.